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  • The Kilogram has a New Definition November 16, 2018
    The kilogram is no longer hostage to a single artifact. The new definition is based on naturally occurring phenomena.
  • Nvidia Hit By 'Crypto Hangover' November 16, 2018
    The end of the cryptocurrency mining boom hit Nvidia hard in the third quarter, dragging sales below Wall Street's expectations.
  • IBM Explores Copper Magnetism for Use in Memory November 16, 2018
    Researchers say technology could one day allow individual atomic nuclei to store and process information.
  • Baidu Backs Neuromorphic IC Developer November 16, 2018
    Investment arm of Chinese web giant seeds startup aiCTX with $1.5 million to develop commercial applications for low-power neuromorphic computing and processor designs.
  • Vanguard of the Machine Learning Revolution November 16, 2018
    EE Times' 19th revision of the Silicon 60, our annual list of startups to watch, documents the definitive rise of machine learning as a form of hardware-supported computing. The development atmosphere is feverish, and the technology market has the same air of dynamic, fast-paced change that it had when the first microprocessors launched in the […]
  • Silicon 60 Class of 2018 November 16, 2018
    Our updated list of 60 startups worth watching.
  • Why RISC-V Lags in China November 15, 2018
    China does appear to have many "buyers" interested in RISC-V cores. But as I hunt for "developers" trying to leverage the RISC-V instruction set, I'm coming up short in Shanghai.
  • SiTime Rolls Programmable MEMS for 5G Timing November 15, 2018
    SiTime launched what it says is the first MEMS timing solution programmable for any frequency between 1 and 220 MHz, with a stability of + 5 parts per billion stability under airflow or thermal shock, aimed at the critical timing requirements for 5G infrastructure equipment.
  • Sensing the Future, TDK Buys It November 15, 2018
    In the era of digital streaming and cloud computing, Japan's TDK has to diversify beyond its heritage in magnetic audio and videocassette tapes and magnetic hard disk drive heads, or risk irrelevance.
  • Two Views of RISC-V in China November 15, 2018
    Depending on who you talk to, momentum for the RISC-V architecture in China is either growing or languishing. Let's investigate.